Sustainability hub

Compensating for losses, risk-modelling, awareness-raising, developing new products, building sustainable investment portfolios — (re)insurers help adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change in many different ways. Explore our hub to see how Europe’s (re)insurers are contributing to combatting climate change and its effects and meeting sustainability goals.

Insurance Europe is the European insurance and reinsurance federation. Through its 37 member bodies — the national insurance associations — it represents all types and sizes of insurance and reinsurance undertakings. Insurance Europe, which is based in Brussels, represents undertakings that account for around 95% of total European premium income. Insurance makes a major contribution to Europe’s economic growth and development. European insurers pay out almost €1 000bn annually — or €2.7bn a day — in claims, directly employ nearly 950 000 people and invest over €10.4trn in the economy.